2008 - 2016

Diving Matrix was started by Paul toomer in 2007 based out of London, UK providing technical training with DSAT, IANTD, TDI.
It ran regular trips to: Malta, Mexico, South Africa, and Sardinia.

2009 Ian France joins the team and initially assists Paul.

2010 Matrix added RAID to their line up of technical agencies, and was one of the first to start teaching Poseidon MKIV courses. Tec Lab Malta was opened as well. 

2011 Matrix Kingston opens.

2012, while Paul's main focus is the Tec Lab Malta, Ian  runs Matrix in the UK (Manchester).

2013 Matrix teaches mainly SSI and IANTD, while the Malta Tec Lab is shut down.

2014 Paul joins RAID as a co-owner, and Global Training Director, naturally Matrix now focusses on RAID & IANTD. Jason Selway joins the team as one of the youngest Poseidon MKIV instructors world wide.

Between 2014 and 2016, Paul's focus is mainly on RAID, while Jason focusses more on his career.

Ian continues to teach under the Matrix banner, and eventually in 2016 announces a partnership with Dave Gration.



We are proud to announce the arrival of the upgraded Diving Matrix V2.0.

As you are all aware Diving Matrix has been offering bespoke advanced diving education for the last however many years. It all goes by too quickly.

You are also aware that I (Paul) decided, stupidly perhaps, to work for a training agency and then even stupider (!) start my own. Of course this shifted my focus away from offering diver training into a new arena. It has always struck me as a shame that I have been unable to bring Diving Matrix into my Dive RAID family. I have missed my friends who have spent many a year listening to me teach and being at the end of my abuse when they tried to kill either themselves or indeed me.

The beauty of Dive RAID is that I get to meet incredible divers, instructors and trainers from across the globe. The person I’m about to introduce you to fits into all three of the categories above.

So it is with great pride that I introduce you all to the new face of Diving Matrix, Mr. Olivier van Overbeek, or OVO or Oli. Yes, he’s Dutch! No. he does not have a bicycle, or a long finger to stick in dykes and yes, he speaks English. Oli is a RAID Recreational Instructor Trainer, a Rebreather Instructor and Technical Instructor Trainer. Oli specialises in Sidemount and now Rebreather but also a pretty dab hand at twinset and has been spotted occasionally in a single tank setup as well.

Oli:Although I actually started diving in The Netherlands, the bulk of my dive training was done in the UK, going through various trainers and agencies I initially was introduced to Diving Matrix through Ian France, who provided an excellent Mine Diver Course, and it was through Ian I ended up meeting Paul and subsequently RAID about 3 years ago. During my time with RAID I’ve had the privilege to be involved with the re-writing of various technical programs as a Technical Consultant/Author, a process and opportunity that meant working with Paul, and other amazing colleagues.

Since I began working with Paul behind the scenes at RAID I started working less on my own projects at Centurion (my dive centre) so when Paul offered a partnership in Matrix, I instantly knew it made sense, not just logistically, but also because of our shared passion for going the extra mile and general approach towards the customer!

It is with some sadness I say goodbye to Centurion, and with great joy I embrace Matrix.”

Oli has rebuilt the website completely, making it more user friendly and has basically given our little company a facelift. With me at the forefront it surely needed one.

Of course I will don my Matrix hoodie from time to time and offer all levels of training as before.

Matrix will begin offering bespoke technical trips globally and will recruit and train it’s own Expedition Teams at various levels. This will be done in conjunction with RAID ResEx (Research and Exploration) program.

Finally, we need to mention Ian France. There is no moving forwards into a ‘new’ Diving Matrix, without recognising the amount of work, talent, and personality Ian France has put into this company over the last 6 years. Besides being an incredibly talented instructor and trainer, Ian has also been a kind and generous friend to both Oli and myself, offering continuous support and assistance.

Ian has been operating under his own banner, Ian France Technical, for some time now and although we wish him every success, he will be sorely missed at Diving Matrix.
He will be at the party, that is for sure.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and we look forward to seeing and diving with you soon.


Paul and Oli

Diving Matrix – Advanced Diver Training

Tel Oli: +44 7961 466812 



Paul Vincent Toomer

Director of Dive Training and Global ITT/Examiner for Dive RAID International

Paul started diving in 1996 with Diving Leisure Poole under the instruction of Course Director Steve Axtell and then Master Instructor Phil Short. Having such extraordinary trainers and a passion for the underwater world it was not long till he decided that this was the career he had been looking for.

He has dived caves and wrecks all over the world and also safely planned and executed many sub 150 metre ocean.

After ten years of running Diving Leisure he decided to concentrate purely on Technical Diver Training, Expeditions and Instructor Development Programs (technical and recreational) and Diving Matrix was born. Matrix has offices in London and Malta, and operates world wide.

He has dived caves and wrecks all over the world and also safely planned and executed many sub 150 metre ocean dives.

Paul regularly contributes to various dive magazines including London Diver and has worked with Film and TV Companies as a diver, supplier and advisor. He has given many diving related presentations world wide. Paul's current focus lies with global development of Dive RAID, and his teaching is mainly focused at high level instructor and CCR courses.

Olivier van Overbeek


Rec & Tec IT, CCR Instructor for Dive RAID International

Oli started diving in 1998, on holiday in the south of France, he instantly fell in love with the underwater world, and when he came home to his native Holland, instantly signed up with famed Dutch wreck explorer Ben Stiefelhagen. A few months later he moved to the south of England, and continued diving and learning there.

In 2000 he was enjoying the popularity of diving the south coast was experiencing at the time, and joined as many dives as time and money would allow. After spending several years diving just for himself, Oli decided to become an instructor.

After attending a lecture with Steve Lewis he decided to find a more technically oriented agency and wanted to help make changes to the industry. It wasn't long until he met Paul who at that point had just joined RAID, and decided to jump on board.

After joining RAID he started working with, and learning of Paul directly, and in 2015 joined the first RAID ITD program.

Oli enjoys working with instructors or teaching Technical programs most, but is always happy to work with any diver level.



Diving Matrix courses run in the UK are run at major dive sites such as Vobster, Ndac, Stoney, Capenwray, etc.

Courses run in Malta are only run through DiveRAID and MTA registered centers.

Course Globally are only run through DiveRAID registered centers.


Diving Matrix runs RAID courses globally, and has been in South Africa, Tenerife, Belgium, Egypt, etc.

Please contact us on to enquire for a user or instructor course at your location, our team is happy to travel and accomodate your needs.

Alternativley find a suitable date and location in our current schedule and come join us for some great diving and/or great training!