Although RAID has been around for about 13 years, and partly responsible for the popularity of the Poseidon MkIV recreational rebreather, in the last 6 years they have completely restructured their training syllabus.

They offer everything from try dives to full CCR Cave program’s, and have incorporated a high degree of technical excellence in all their programs, whilst keeping the emphasis on a common sense and ‘thinking team diver’ approach.

RAID courses are very ‘bespoke’, thorough, yet relaxed, and as such, take a little longer to complete.”

RAID is the most advanced training model in the world today. With over 60 programs on line, we are the most advanced training platform in the industry today, our operation cost from production cost to consumer is the lowest in the industry, our trainers lead the world.


The innovative and comprehensive RAID system of diver training is the future. Rebreather Association of International Divers, first developed training for rebreathers. Due to demand we extended our programmes to include open circuit courses.

RAID training is a culmination of years of experience gained in the SCUBA training industry and assimilation of the best skill development from across the board combined and presented with the very latest technology to provide unmatched quality control SCUBA diver training.

The RAID training is presented to the student through the internet on a systems developed platform after careful study of long distance learn techniques from Australia to the USA. The system is now the most comprehensive e-learning programme in the world.

The system has been designed to integrate academic learning with practical facilitator lead development. The progressive learning system incorporates quality control throughout and interlinks the training facility with the student and instructor, providing a structure which ensures stands control and transparency.

Within the time it has been active in the diver training market RAID has grown more than any other developing agency over a similar period. It has proven to be simple and effective to use from the students’, instructors and dive centres’ point of views. RAID is a DIVE CENTRE based training agency.

Beyond the systems design, which makes RAID diver training unique, with substantial and comprehensive detailed diver training course materials, which can only be assembled and written after years of diving experience.

For example;

There are an estimated 167 edited diver training manuals consisting of over 4000 pages of editorial information, reinforcement with over 12000 questions and answers. Even though RAID has the latest on-line systems design, it is the course content that ensures RAID is the largest and comprehensive on-line training diver training programme in the world.


RSTC: Rebreather Association of International Divers (RAID) is an Associate Member

RAID training standards are compliant with ISO Recreational Diving Standards listed below.

RAID is accepted by The UK Health and Safety Executive as an approved provider.

RAID offer Nationally Accredited training in Australia

EN 14153-2/ISO 24801-2 / ISO 11207: RAID Levels 1 to 3
EN 14413 -1/ISO 24802-1/ ISO 11207: RAID Level 4
EN 14413-2/ISO 24802-2 / ISO 11207: RAID Instructor
ISO 13293 Oxygen and Mixer Blender
ISO 1121 Try Scuba Diving



Open Circuit Flowchart

Closed Circuit Flowchart