Technical Try Dive EXPERIENCE

Have you always wanted to try a twinset, and maybe diving with a stage cylinder?

Well Matrix offers you a Techincal Try Dive experience, where you get to taste what it's like to dive in technical equipment, use techincal hand signals, and conduct your dive in a somewhat more structured way.

Find out if Techincal Diving is for you!

Would you like to know a bit more About Twinset Diving?

Rebreather Try Dive EXPERIENCE

Have you always wanted to try a rebreather? Or are you an instructor and feel you should at least know how they work?

Diving Matrix will spend a full day with you going over the basics of rebreather anatomy, the diving, the skills, and of course several in water sessions to give you a true experience of the silent world.

We offer a wide range of units that can be tried, compared, and trained on. So contact us today about trying a Rebreather, it's easier than you might think!

Closed Circuit Rebreathers, possibly the future of all diving.

Instructor Tune UP

RAID, or other agency instructors that want to sharpen their teaching skills, their in-water can call upon Diving Matrix. With and ITT and IT on the team we have a wealth of knowledge to share with you, giving you that teaching edge so you AND your clients may benefit.

We can cover anything from student-instructor dynamic, Recreational programs, techincal programs, Rebreathers, Sidemount, etc.

Haven't taught a specific course in a while? Let Us Help You.

CERT-MAX Coaching

Often when you pass a course, you do so to the course minimum requirments, or perhaps you felt like you didn't get enough practice time, or you've let that skill set lapse.

Either way, with Cert-MAX by Diving Matrix, we will teach you to get the maximum out of your certification, gradually building up your confidence, and transforming your education into a real world application.

Walk away doing the absolute maximum with your certificate you can!

Get the most out of your training.

Matrix Advanced Diving Essentials

Want to spend some time going over buoyancy, trim, propulsion, team diving, communication, failure responses, prioritisation, dive planning, etc etc?

Come do our 2 day Advanced Diving Essentials workshop, and bring your buddy! We'll get you both on the same page functioning beautifully underwater.

These programs are a fun, team building challange!